• No special software needed – everything is managed online.
  • Customers can opt in and out anytime
  • Set your monthly budget according to your needs
  • Add unique keywords or unlimited sub keywords
  • Manage your campaigns from desktop or mobile
  • Migrate/Import existing text club members
  • Manage member database
  • Download member database per keyword
  • Schedule messages in the future or send immediately•Send MMS (coupons/pictures)
  • Customize Auto Response and Logo
  • Set Responses to Standard or Conditional (for contests)
  • Select Keyword Winners
  • Contact members individually
  • Manage your Recharge Threshold on account
  • View account history•Manage account users


Tip for Radio Stations: Setup a Coupon Graphic as the response to a Keyword. For example, your station could buy the Keyword "SUBWAY" and when Subway buys some radio ads, they can mention something like "Text SUBWAY to 78000 to receive a 50% off coupon". The system will then respond with the coupon and the station can prove that the Radio Ad works.


Have an idea on how TextMeMan could help your business? Give us a call. We can build customized tools specifically for your business MOST of the time at no additional charge. See something on our competitor's website that you'd like to see on TextMeMan? Let us know and we can build it into your control panel (usually within 10 days).